Stocks Under Rocks

The Tulane University Business School is immensely fortunate to host one of the world’s top financial minds: Professor Peter Ricchiuti.  Professor Ricchiuti teaches Burkenroad Reports  as an equity research class offered to both graduate and undergraduate students. In the 20 years that professor Ricchiuti has taught Burkenroad Reports, he says that he is most proud of the “almost 700 students who moved on to careers in investment related fields” after taking his class.
During the course of a semester, teams of student analysts are sent out into the field to meet with executives, analyze financial publications and create models to value a small-cap company. The results of each team’s analysis is published into a Burkenroad Report with a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold the company’s stock.
The results of these reports are then considered by the management of Hancock Horizon Small Cap Burkenroad Mutual Fund (ticker symbols: HYBUX & HHBUX). The outcome of these student generated reports have a recognizable impact on the $650 million Burkenroad Mutual Fund that has yielded a return of 336% since its inception on December 31, 2001. To put this analysis in relative terms, since its inception, the Burkenroad fund has performed in the top 1% of the 7,000 stock mutual funds. This is a fact that honors the abilities of both Tulane University’s faculty and students.
Earlier this year professor Ricchiuti published a new book titled, “Stocks Under Rocks.” According to Professor Ricchiuti, this book is the culmination of his 20 years teaching Burkenroads Reports. Stocks Under Rocks contains the lessons that he teaches his class about investing. Because Burkenroad Reports has been such a rewarding experience, readers are able to start with high hopes from page one.
Stefan Brozovich
Master of Management in Energy Candidate 2014
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