Women and the Energy Industry Boom

I am currently an undergrad majoring in marketing at Tulane University. As a junior graduating a year early from undergrad, I had no idea what I wanted to do or where I wanted to work. I decided to look into graduate programs and when I came across the Master of Management in Energy program I knew instantly what I wanted to do. As a marketing major, I have received a very broad education with little specialization. This made it difficult to decide what I wanted to do after college. I am most excited to gain knowledge in a specific industry, which will help me be more successful in my job search and career.
The state of the art facilities at Tulane foster personal and academic achievement and growth. After attending an information session in January, I was amazed at the amount of knowledge the students had after being in the program for only one semester.
The energy industry is a field of continuous growth and development. Energy firms are interested in hiring more women and closing the gender gap. The New Orleans Times-Picayune recently published an article named Energy companies aim to recruit more women amid industry boom referring to how the culture is slowly changing. The article states that women represent a minority of the management and professional-level positions at the world’s largest energy companies. It also states that women made up 39% of Exxon Mobil’s management and professional new hires in 2012. This is a growing statistic that is getting larger every year; however, it should be higher. I love the idea of working for a company that provides a utility that everyone uses. I am particularly interested in problem solving and creating a more sustainable industry for the future. I love the direction the energy industry is heading and I am excited to be part of a field that has such an impact on people’s lives.
Molly Jubas
Master of Management in Energy Candidate 2015
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