2014 Commencement

Graduating is awesome. Especially when Drew Brees and Wynton Marsalis are your keynote speakers and you get to proceed across the field in the Superdome. Graduating means you’ve accomplished something great, and you’re moving forward once again. For my fellow Master of Management in Energy graduates and I there is certainly a graduating feel in the air. We have an intense year of work behind us, and we’re ready to start our new careers.
For most that means starting full time positions in the energy business either in Houston, New Orleans, Dallas, or one of the other major energy cities. For a few it means striking out on their own, pursuing their personal form of energy entrepreneurialism. I have classmates walking onto trade floors for investment banks, top energy companies, and well respected private trading houses. Some are going into front-office roles for major independent oil companies, accounting and consulting firms.
Many of us are joining the firms we studied at some point this year, which is exciting. We’ve had a rare opportunity at the MME program to garner the specific skills and knowledge that can translate so directly into success at the workplace. But then again, that’s a major reason why we decided on the MME program. In this respect, the program has delivered a crucial competitive advantage for us.
Our network going forward is tight knit and focused. The nature and size of our program has encouraged this much more so than a larger cohort would. We understand exactly what type of work our fellow classmates have decided to pursue, and who we might turn to down the road for future professional opportunities.
We all had many personal reasons for coming to Tulane for the MME degree. I came because the program was specialized in the field I wanted to work in professionally, taught valuable practical skill sets and had a tremendously committed faculty. I have rarely left any institution with such a sense of appreciation for what it’s committed to and how it executes on its commitment. It’s exciting to think where the program is headed in the next few years. I know I’m already planning my first trip back.
Sturgis Sobin
Master of Management in Energy Graduate 2014
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